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weighed 131 lbs. this morning. i still want to lose at least 11 more pounds, but at least i know what i'm doing is working.

today, i've had three glases of crystal light (ugh, why so much ... 8 calories each, but still), a whole bunch of 3-calorie pieces of gum, diet sprite zero, water, and ... here comes the food:

one 45 calorie piece of bread

two hard-boiled eggs (kinda gross, but i heard that eggs can be negative calories, and it was either that or some seriously chunky soup which would've been on my thighs for the next twenty years)

a piece of 100-calorie whole wheat bread with eggsalad (one tablespoon of mayonnaise at 47 calories, i put 4 eggs into the salad and about three tablespoons, and then put about a tablespoon of the salad on my bread and left the rest for my dad)

i was scared i'd blow my diet because i already felt guilty about the sandwich, so i got dressed and took an hour-long walk. i still don't think that's enough.

i've also done at least 200 crunches, 75 inner-thigh toning exercises on each leg, a few push-ups (i am not strong at all with my arms, 100 "thigh dimple diminishing" exercises. i don't really have thigh dimples, but i figured it couldn't hurt. also, i've done a lot of really dorky dancing.

not nearly enough, i know. i'm not even hungry, and when i'm not hungry, i feel like i'm no doing it right.

i'm actually dressed and ready to go down on the stationary bike, but it tires me out so much and i'm dreading it. i can only do, like, maximum 10 minutes on it. it's awful, i should really have more stamina, i mean, i'm a ballet dancer, but i just don't.

aah, sorry for ranting. just trying to sort out what i've done. also, if anyone has any ideas on what else i could do, please help. =]
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