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I Dont Care If It Hurts, I Want To Have Control, I Want A Perfect Body

I Want A Perfect Soul

Tiny Dancers
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• Don't Abuse The Community
• Don't Post Things That Don't Have To Do With You're ED
• Don't Put Other Members Down
• Don't Troll The Community, Members Seen Doing This Will Get Kicked Out
• Don't Whine To Us About Boyfriends or Cutting or Something Insignifigant. It's not that we don't care, it's just that this is a community based on eating disorders. However it's ok to include this in your post as long as they have something to directly do with your eating disorder, or eating habits.
• Don't Post Pictures With Nudity. Block It Out Or Something.
• Don't Assume We Are All Girls Or All Boys, If You Want To Say Something Like "Stay Thin Ladies" Dont. Use Un-Gender Biased Group Names.
• Don't Excessively Use Curse Words. Use In Moderation, Some People Take It As A Sign Of Disrespect.
• Membership Is Currently Open, Abuse This, And Membership Will Be Restricted Acess.

Great Thinspiration
More Thinspiration
The Grotto
Endless Summer

• Thinspiration is highly welcomed. If you have a favorite actor or model, you are welcome to post as many pictures as you want of them. If you wish to post more than two thinpsirational pictures in one post, please use lj-cuts. Simply put <*lj-cut> at the begining of your thinspriation, and when finished put <*/lj-cut> at the end. Take out the astrics. If you need a website to upload pictures... use photobucket.

• "This community, it's moderators, and livejournal are not responsible for the actions or personal choices of any user, member, or reader. This community does not support or promote the development of an eating disorder. If you suspect you may have an eating disorder, please see a doctor. We encourage you to make wise decisions regaurding your health."

This Community Is Moderated By: perfect_daisy
It was moderated by another young lady, but she has made a personal choice to recover, and we are all very proud of her and support her.

We also have a Sister Community, [a partner in crime] anonymous_ed that is also moderated by me.