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Diet plan

ok, so i've gained 5 pounds. gonna have to fix that. this is my plan. remember OPERATION: TURKEY RECOVERY? the diet i went on after i gained thanksgiving weight?

well, same diet, new name. because i didn't get this way from eating turkey... i call it,


ok, turkey recovery was better, but it's midnight and mom will be home in about 10 minutes and i'm supposed to be in bed. i will make up crappy names if i want to. the "back to zero" part is because i WAS 130, now i'm 135. i want to lose 5 pounds. fast. and come on. who doesn't love the number 0? so... empty.

anyways, the fundamentals are:

500 cals a day or less.
Get at least SOME form of exercise every day.
Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
Fruit and veggies are open to snack on.

anyone who wants to join me is free to! and you can make adjustments if you want to. i mean, last time i did it i lost 5 pounds in about 2 weeks, but i don't know if that will happen again... and i don't know if it will work for everyone. i mean, all of our bodies are different.


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