perfect_daisy (perfect_daisy) wrote in anastinydancers,

I Want People To Look At Me And Think: Perfect, So "Perfect" Is What I Named My Bones

Hello. most of you probably don't remember me because i've been incredibly inactive and i haven't been keeping up with my journal... but i was here in the begining, one of the first members, and the Mod is a very close friend of mine. However the Mod that started this community has decided to recover and is doing great. we're all very proud of her. so in order to relieve her of all ED-related responsibilites, the Mod-business has been turned over to me.

so... i'm your new mod.

i haven't really changed much about the community besides updating the info page a bit. plus i'm going to make new banners and promote like crazy. if you want my stats, they are on my info page, and if you really want to get to know me, just comment in my journal saying "add me" and you'll be added <3

so... hi!
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